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Next stage

April 9, 2010

Now the nail biting begins. My website will be ready soon and then I need to get brochures etc. printed for the show but meanwhile I can only wait for the samples. The factory sends me updated photos each week which is great but seeing the painstaking time it takes to weave a small section almost worsens the anxiety of whether they will get here on time. Next time round will hopefully be less scary, I’ll make sure to get my final designs started a bit earlier!


Leaking Lines

April 5, 2010

The other day it rained unusually hard in NY, and unfortunately there was a really bad leak through our skylight. It was messy, damp and stressful but when the rain eventually stopped and the sun shone through onto the brown, streaky lines now gracing our wall, I thought how lovely it would be if the lines were woven silk on wool. Several photos later and I wasn’t so unhappy with the leak after all!

Factory visit January 2010

April 3, 2010

It was hard deciding who to work with but based on a few factors, I finally managed to choose the factory. In addition to being very socially responsible, the manufacturer was able to produce a sample which was really close, in both color and design, to the artwork/weaving graph I had sent. Very few of the factories were able to do that as the design was so complicated. I sent the rest of the designs to them and then travelled back to Nepal in January.
It was great to go back. The last visit had been just post-monsoon, so was still a bit cloudy but now the sky was clear and fresh. The first thing I did was to look at the new samples and I was thrilled. The factory did a really good job and matched the colors/executed the designs extremely well. I made a few changes to colors/pile heights etc. as seeing something woven is always slightly different to how you imagine it will be, which for me is one of the most fun parts of designing. I then got to do a bit more sightseeing while the colors were re-dyed. This time I was staying very close to the Boudha Stupa (pictured with my earlier post) so I took another wander there. I also went back to Patan, which I loved the last time, and spent a bit more time wandering the streets around the main square. It’s so beautiful there. On my last day I went back and spent more time at the factory, the colors were all re-dyed perfectly. Everything is now ready for the manufacturer to hopefully get full size rugs and bigger samples woven for the May ICFF.